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Work on relieving your knee pain while getting get back in shape!

Exercise is good therapy for the whole body, and it must be the right kind of exercise to build stability and strength. This Get Fit Webinar program incorporates 3 levels of intensity.

  • Seated Exercises
  • Low Impact Exercises
  • High-Intensity Exercises

No matter your age or how fit you are, there is an intensity level in this program that will meet your goals. Grounded in 20,000 hours of applied research, I can ensure your workout will be effective, safe and FUN. As an experienced Certified Personal Trainer I make real-time adjustments during our sessions to ensure movements and exercises meet your needs, challenges and fitness level.

Special Bonus:

An informal coaching session is held after each Get Fit Webinar to check-in with each client to make sure they had a successful workout and answer any questions.

Let’s Return To Fitness Together

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