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Patella Tracking Problems

90 percent of chronic knee pain is due to Patella Tracking Problems!! Using therapies such as;

  • Strengthening the Quadriceps muscles
  • Cortisone Shots
  • Synvisc Injections
  • NSAID drugs

These therapies will not realign the knee cap. Knee pain is due to a structural problem not a medicine treatment problem. To realign the knee cap you must start at the ANKLES and FEET. Often times knee pain sufferers walk with a limp because of the pain in the knee. This can place additional stress on the muscles around the feet, ankles, back and hips. To began to realign the knee cap the stiff feet and ankles MUST be returned to the proper Range of Motion to eliminate the limp and to stop the tweaking of the knee.

Ankles Hold the Key to Pain-Free Knees

Restoring feet and ankles to full function is the only way to


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