Building a Stronger Body

This is a one-on-one program that focuses on strengthening your whole body so you can get back to climbing stairs, rising from a chair and taking long walks. Safe specialize exercises will be created to reverse the non-activity that is a product of chronic knee pain.

Balance Training With Personal Trainer

Here’s How Your Program Works:

☑ We’ll meet twice a week for 50 minutes in-home or online thru where I will take you through your individualized program.
☑ 48 sessions total (If you cancel a session within 24-hrs, the session will be added to the end of your program so you don’t pay for missed sessions.)
☑ You’ll have private cell phone access to reach me anytime you have questions or need some support.
☑ A written exercise program will be emailed so you can work out between sessions

Why Hire Renee to be your Personal Trainer?

➤ 20 year veteran in the fitness industry
➤ Provide fun and creative workouts
➤ Reduce injury risk
➤ Give exercise homework
➤ Keep track of exercise performance
➤ Teaching You Safe and Effective Form
➤ In-home training no equipment needed

Personal Training is just that, IT’S PERSONAL!

Working one-on-one in-home or online is a recipe to achieve the best results in a short period of time.
What I offer is different and will create a massive shift in how you think about what you can accomplish.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

48 sessions twice weekly for 6 months

I’m Excited to Train YOU and watch your activity level SOAR!!

Personal Training Payment Options:


$100 per session
$135 per session
Discounted Price:
Discounted Price:
$85 per session
$120 per session
6-Month Investment
6-Month Investment

It’s Not a Mistake You Found me!

*This program is individualize so we will need to chat about schedules dates and time.