Begin Your Journey to Healing

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  2. Dry brushing
  3. Restorative stretching

    As I was developing My Knee Pain Recipe, I discovered that this alternative therapy is the key to knee pain reduction and avoiding knee replacement surgery. This 90-minute massage must be done by a certified massage therapist with special skills. My unique combination of lymphatic massage, dry brushing, and restorative stretching is the beginning of your healing journey to pain free knees.

Here’s How This Program Works:

☑ This program is done in your home on a massage table (I supply all necessary tools)
☑ 5 Sessions are required to maximize results
☑ Clients are given a private number to contact me
☑ To enhance and accelerate the process, homework will be assigned after the first session

Creating Functional Knees



“I was suffering from knee pain as a result of starting a 5K running plan after years of inactivity.  The pain was so bad that on some days I had to use both hands to lift my leg in order to get out of my car.  In addition to starting to walk with a limp, I also couldn’t wear high heels anymore.
I happened to mention this to Renee who shared her technique for overcoming knee pain.  I felt the results in 24 hours, and within a week the pain was gone.
I started to incorporate the brushing technique as part of my weekly wellness routine and because it feels good.  Three years later the knee pain has never returned.”


I offer an holistic alternative to conventional treatment for knee pain. 

Today’s investment $200 per session.






In-Home Specialize 90-Minute Massage









There is another way to heal your Knee Pain!

*This program is individualize so we will need to chat about schedules dates and time.