Benefits of Knee Pain Recipe

  • No Surgery
  • No Drugs
  • Stair Climbing Less Painful
  • Relieve osteoarthritis pain
  • Silent Knee Crepitus (Crunching Sound)
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Less Stiffiness
  • Reduce Knee Pain
  • Perform exercises without pain

Services Provided

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Personal Training


Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Trigger Point Therapy


AIS Stretching


Online Coaching



man rolling

Foam Rolling Class


In-home training

Get Ready Set Go!

Bringing New Life To PainFul Knees

I invite you to join me in learning about my unique Knee Pain Recipe a combination of alternative medicine therapies which incorporate 6 specific strategies in 4 integrated programs.

My Knee Pain Recipe is a proven self-healing alternative to surgery, injections, and medications. The success of the method lies in the unique combination of ingredients. It’s a precise step-by-step method that works by reducing inflammation, creating flexibility and correcting muscular imbalance. This therapy brings more blood flow, oxygen and healing elements to the inflamed joint resulting in reducing pain in the knee and promoting the healing cycle.

Learn Why Ankles Hold The Keys To Pain Free Knees!!

I'm Renee Moten– The Knee Keeper I'm your second opinion

I Specialize in Relieving and Reducing Knee Pain.

I looked to integrated medicine and discovered a host of healing remedies that I labeled Knee Pain Recipe.

There is another way to treat knee pain that does not involve shots, drugs and surgery.

Pain Free after 20 years of Knee Pain

Contact the Knee Keeper to learn about this one of a kind program!!

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